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FootGolf in the

United States


American FootGolf Federation 

is the governing body and exclusive member of the

Federation for International FootGolf

in the United States

"Mankind's evolution is visible in many ways and the first decade of the new millennium brought us "The Best Game Ever Invented". A game that upgraded the world of sports to a new dimension, combining the power, elegance and precision of the number one elite sport in the world: GOLF, with the passion, energy and fun of the most popular sport in the world: SOCCER, in a marvelous sport full of life: FOOTGOLF, THE SPORT YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY!"

Laura Balestrini

President Co-Founder U.S. FootGolf

Our Mission

To promote and govern the sport of FootGolf throughout the United States.


Our Vision

Grow the sport of FootGolf from its base, focusing on the youth, recreational and amateur aspects of the sport while making FootGolf a massive and popular sport that is accessible to all.

FootGolf Needs Your Support Today!

The Game

​FootGolf is a precision sport, a combination of the popular sports of soccer and golf, being more closely related to golf. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf. A players kicks a regulation #5 soccer ball on the fairway of a golf course into a 52 centimeter cup in as few shots as possible. 


The Course

FootGolf is played primarily on golf courses. It is necessary to have the golf components to maintain the quality of the course. Bunkers, hazards and golf course particularities help to improve the game.


The Equipment

The size of the FootGolf Cups are between 50cm-52cm diameter and at least 28cm deep. Flags and Pins, Tee markers and Ball

Markers are the same or similar to golf.


The Uniform

Since the game is played on a golf course, the basic uniform of FootGolf is golf apparel, with indoor or turf soccer shoes.


The Ball

The ball must be a soccer ball #5. No rubber ball or any other than a regulation #5 soccer ball, similar to FIFA Approved.


The Rules

The FIFG created the FootGolf Rulebook in 2013. The New Rulebook was approved and used for first time in December 2018, during the FIFG FootGolf World Cup in Marrakesh, Morocco.


The History

The origins of FootGolf are unclear as they can be attributed to many countries or people at the same time, as early as 2001. The first nine-hole FootGolf tournament on a golf course, and played as the sport is known today, was organized in the Netherlands in 2008 by Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten, and played by a mix of Dutch and Belgian professional footballers.


Jansen learned of the sport from Dutch footballer Willem Korsten, who recalled playing a similar game during his time with British club Tottenham Hotspur, who would end training sessions by kicking the ball from the pitch back to the changing rooms in as short a time as possible. Later Belgium and Hungary switched from playing in parks to golf courses and the game was introduced to Argentina in 2010.


The American FootGolf League was founded in 2011. The game was internationally publicized, and countries worldwide started collaborating on the development of the game. FootGolf has been recognized or is in the process of being recognized as a sport in many countries.



FootGolf as a game has been played around the world since forever but, as a sport is regulated by the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) since July, 2012.


FootGolf in the United States

The American FootGolf League introduced FootGolf in the U.S. in 2011. In July 2012 the AFGL was recognized by the Federation for International FootGolf as its exclusive member and governing body for the sport in the country until 2018, when the American FootGolf Federation, a 501 c3 non-profit, was founded and replaced the AFGL under the umbrella of the FIFG.


As the governing body for the sport of FootGolf in the US the AFGF and the AFGL have grown the game to over 500 courses in all 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, since 2011. With over 20,000 FootGolf players booking tee times every month, the game continues to prove a viable source of revenue for golf course operators. Golf facilities can be Accredited or Certified with the AFGL while receiving guidance in course design and the standards for the distances for par.


The organization gives support to golf course owners and operators to generate traffic on their FootGolf course; bringing them a new demographic.


Team USA

The American FootGolf Federation is the representative of the United States in the international FootGolf scene as Team USA (U.S. National FootGolf Team). It plays in the FIFG FootGolf World Cup as well as all other FIFG official international events


Difference between AFGF and AFGL

Founded in 2018, American FootGolf Federation (AFGF) is a Non-Profit organization that promotes and governs the sport of FootGolf, focusing on Youth, Amateur and National FootGolf Teams as well as providing golf course operators with the official equipment, help with course design and necessary advice/support to introduce the sport of FootGolf as a new activity in their facilities.

Founded in 2011, American FootGolf League (AFGL) is the Premier League of the sport of FootGolf in the United States. AFGL is set to launch the Major League FootGolf in 2022.

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