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The Third Battle of the Border will be played on the 26th of January at Chimera Golf Club in Henderson, NV along with the Las Vegas Open January 26th · 28th, 2024. 

Format of Tournament · 1 Round



8 pairs, 4 pairs play alternate shots & 4 pairs play four-ball.



4 pairs, 2 pairs playing alternate shot & 2 pairs playing fourball.



1 pair, playing alternate shot



1 Singles match

Qualification Process & Timeline

The American FootGolf Federation used the rankings from the 2022 & 2023 AFGL Tour seasons to determine the top players for the Battle of the Border lll roster.


The top 16 US Men, the top 8 US Senior Men, the top 2 US Women, and the top 1 US Senior Men +56 players will make the initial roster.


  • Invited players will have until November 6th, 2023 to accept their roster spot for the Battle of the Border lll, when/if roster spots are not confirmed, the next US player spot will be a AFGF pick. These players will be extended an invitation to be on the roster and will need to confirm their spot. 

  • All roster spots will be finalized by November 20th, 2023 so the American FootGolf Federation has time to make arrangements for uniforms and promotional material.

  • Uniforms will be ordered by November 27th, 2023 (8 weeks before event).


The following players have qualified to be on Team USA for the Battle of the Border lll.

1. Bart Woityla

2. Eneias Caetano

3. Jordan Godfrey

4. Nathan Shuey

5. Jorge Uriona

6. Nick Wallace

7. Talfik Rayyan

8. Angel Reyes

9. Cesar Chavez

10. Sean McNamara

11. Zak Matteoli

12. Steve Liberto

13. Jon Aron

14. Sean Luigs

15. Luca Shelesky

16. Arturo Barragan

AFGF Picks

1. Mark Herz

2. Rob Sahm

3. Rob Cohmanschi

4. Darrin Karuzas

5. Geno Adair

6. Abdul Elkhoja 

7. Luis Barragan

8. David Andler

AFGF Picks

1. Jo Reid

2. Leilani Tedeski

AFGF Picks

1. Kostas Krokos

AFGF Picks

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