United States

of America 

Inaugural FIFG WC Particpant

FIFG World Champion 2016

FIFG Bronze Medal 2018


FIFG World Cup

U.S. National FootGolf Team, better known as Team USA is the exclusive representative of the United States in the World Cup organized by the FIFG.

Team USA, represented by the American FootGolf Federation is one of the two exclusive teams participating in the prestigious Jansen Cup vs. Team U.K.

FIFG World Cup

United States of America was represented in all FootGolf World Cups. Hungary 2012 in Budapest, Argentina 2016 in Buenos Aires and Morocco 2018 in Marrakesh.

FIFG World Cup

Upcoming FootGolf World Cup



2019 World Tour Ranking

Men Category

1. Jordan Godfrey
2. Nathan Shuey
3. Sharif Khatib
4. Angel Reyes

Senior Category

1. David Andler
2. Darrin Karuzas

Women Category

1. Jo Reid
2. Laura Parker


2020 - 2021 AFGF

Men Category

1. Jorge Vazquez (Nevada 500)

2. Alejandro Nuno (Nevada 500)
3. Nick Wallace (2020 National)
4. Sean McNamara (2020 National)

5. Top Player (US Open 2021)

6. 2nd Top Player (US Open 2021)

7. #1 In the AFGL Ranking 20-21

     by June 7th 2021

Senior Category

1. Geno Adair (Nevada 500)
2. Jeremy
 Johnson (2020 National)

3. Top Player (US Open 2021)

Women Category

1. Giselle Barragan (2020 National)
#1 In the AFGL Ranking 20-21 by June 7th 2021


Additional spots can still be earned by players qualifying through 2020/21

World Tour and Regional Tour Rankings.

Earned spots are invitations to join the national team and players participation is voluntary.


Players are expected to cover their own costs associated with participation in Team USA. If any cost gets covered by the American FootGolf Federation it will be based on funds raised for Team USA through sponsorship or donation.


Players who are unable to join Team USA 2021 for any reason, will be replaced by those who can participate and will be taken from the AFGL Ranking per category on August 1st, 2021.


Players' invitation could be withdrawn by the AFGF Board for breach of The Player Code of Conduct.


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