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of FootGolf in America


​Establishing a new sport in America is not an easy task. Since its launch on November 18th, 2011, the American FootGolf League (AFGL) has been working tirelessly to introduce, establish and promote the sport at the grassroots level across the country. It was very clear from the beginning that a structure needed to be created in order for the sport to be played at all levels. For seven months the AFGL worked on creating promotional tournaments so players could learn about this new sport and helped to organize the first FootGolf World Cup.  Finally in June 2012, the first World Cup of FootGolf was played in Hungary and on July 22-23, the first AFGL international tournament came to Wisconsin Dells, WI. During the first 18 months, Roberto and Laura Balestrini, the founders of FootGolf in America, visited 36 States, meeting players, course operators, media and potential sponsors face-to-face, promoting the sport at grassroots level. The story continues...

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